Washington DC Visitor Information

Washington DC visitor information for tourists

Whether you are planning your first visit to Washington, D.C. or are a resident of the city, we have the information you need to get around.

Washington, D.C. News, Media, and Weather
Check the local traffic or weather reports, and stay updated on breaking news.

Guided Tours of Washington, D.C.
Guided tours are the best way to see Washington, D.C.

Getting Around Washington, D.C.
The fastest and cheapest way to get most places in Washington, D.C. is by Metro.

Traveling to Washington, D.C.
However you plan to get to D.C., we can help you find the best route.

Parking in Washington, D.C.
Information on parking in Washington DC, including garages and on-street parking.

Restaurants in Washington, D.C.
Enjoy a first class dining experiment or simply grab a bite at a museum cafe.

Shopping Venues in the Washington, DC Metro Area
In Washington, D.C. you can find designer shops of every variety, offering clothes, antiques, and much more.